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Workforce development
Your objectives may include:
  • Reduce unemployment
  • Develop the local talent pool
  • Respond to technological and socioeconomic shifts
  • Attract investments
  • Stimulate the local economy
  • Increase wages in the long term
Your needs are:
  • Getting it done quickly and affordably
  • Obtaining subject matter expertise
  • Getting an objective, outside perspective
  • Guidance for your staff
  • Change management
We help by:
  • Creating and aggregating skill development programs
  • Offering career planning programs and recruiter support
  • Leveraging partnerships with businesses, academia, researchers, investors, etc.
  • Drawing from local and international expertise
  • Communicating opportunities to the local community
  • You gain the tools and programs for developing workforce skills and career opportunities
Sample projects:
  • "Career Labs" mass-scalable career coaching
  • "Career Explorations" crowd-sourced program
  • "Job Search Breakthrough" framework
  • Return To Work Conference
Let's get sustainable!
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