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Waste & resource management
Your objectives may include:
  • Assess the sustainability of your resources and waste (energy, water, materials)
  • Identify risks and opportunities
  • Improve efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Apply the principles of circular economy
  • Implement the plan
Your needs are:
  • Getting it done quickly and affordably
  • Obtaining subject matter expertise
  • Getting an objective, outside perspective
  • Guidance for your staff
  • Change management
We help by:
  • Incorporating resource sustainability values into your operations
  • Analyzing the risks, opportunities, costs and benefits
  • Identifying the right strategy and success measurements for you
  • Developing renewable energy and water conservation programs
  • Developing landfill diversion plans and and zero-waste programs
  • Providing informational and educational materials
  • Supporting implementation
  • You gain more circular and sustaianble resource management procedures that align with social expectations.
Sample projects:
  • San Francisco Sustainability Action Plan: Water Heater Decarbonization
  • Material Waste in Food Systems: Approaches for Increasing Circularity
  • DCM Greenhouse Gas Inventory & Reduction Plan
  • City of Palo Alto's Carbon Neutral Electric Plan: Case Study
Let's get sustainable!
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