Creating sustainable
Creating sustainable
Creating sustainable
Addressing university challenges
  • Community health and well-being
  • Modernization & innovation
  • Optimized campus operations
  • Resource and waste management
  • Managing risk, capturing opportunities
  • Student success post-graduation
Areas of focus
Conducting a sustainability assessment of university systems, risks, and opportunities.
Sustainability Action Plan
Working with you to develop your own sustainability strategy, KPIs, and roadmap.
Campus Programs
Designing sustainability programs & career development for students and alumni.
Helping you create program information materials, web content, and communications.
Past projects
Examples of research and consulting:
  • San Francisco Sustainability Action Plan: Water Heater Decarbonization
  • City of Palo Alto's Carbon Neutral Electric Plan: Case Study
  • Silicon Valley BART Extension: Sustainable Infrastructure Assessment
  • Emissions Reduction Strategies for Vehicles in Moscow, Russia
  • Innovation Ecosystem in Russia: Survey, Analysis & Recommendation
  • American Airlines Corporate Responsibility Recommendation
  • DCM Greenhouse Gas Inventory & Reduction Plan
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