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Sustainable infrastructure
Your objectives may include:
  • Assessing an infrastructure project (energy, water, waste, transporat, landscape, or information)
  • Reducing risk and increasing resilience
  • Ensuring the project has positive impact on quality of life
  • Planning for sustainable resource allocation
  • Planning for harmony with the natural world
  • Gaining public and stakeholder support
Your needs are:
  • Getting it done quickly and affordably
  • Obtaining subject matter expertise
  • Getting an objective, outside perspective
  • Guidance for your staff
  • Change management
We help by:
  • Conducing an in-depth A-Z sustainability assessment
  • Reviewing impacts on quality of life, resource allocation, natural world
  • Identifying risks, opportunities and success measurements
  • Identifying strategies to strengthen project leadership
  • Providing recommendations on engaging stakeholder support
  • Issuing an Infrastructure Sustaianbility Assessment Report
  • You gain knowledge and strategies to develop a more sustainable and resilient infrastructure project
Sample project:
  • BART Silicon Valley Extension Infrastructure Assessment
Let's get sustainable!
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