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Innovation & corporate ventures
Your objectives may include:
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Access innovative companies which may become future competitors
  • Respond quickly to changes in markets
  • Gain a better view of market threats
  • Stimulate demand for your own products
  • In some cases, earn attractive returns
  • Gain leverage
Your needs are:
  • Getting it done quickly and affordably
  • Obtaining subject matter expertise
  • Getting an objective, outside perspective
  • Guidance for your staff
  • Change management
We help by:
  • Identifying key trends that drive transformation of your particular verticals and the venture industry
  • Formulating the investment stratagies that fit your objectives
  • Providing insight into how top players form venture funds, vet pipelines, make decisions, provide maximal value
  • Sharing varieties of ways to technically structure, manage and close funds
  • Designing customized startup accelerator programs
  • Developing educational programs tailored to your objectives
  • You gain the tools and systems for leveraging startups and boosting innovation
Sample project:
  • "Silicon Valley Insiders" corporate venture capital intensive
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