Creating sustainable
cities and communities.
Creating sustainable
cities and communities.
Creating sustainable
cities and communities.
Addressing social challenges
  • Poverty, unemployment, crime
  • Poor healthcare, pollution, waste
  • Poor education, low innovation
  • Energy, water, food availability
  • Infrastructure, mobility, traffic
Areas of focus
Conducting a sustainability assessment of community systems, risks, and opportunities.
Sustainability Action Plan
Working with you to develop your own sustainability ideology, strategy, KPIs, and roadmap.
Helping you create program information materials, web content, and stakeholder communications.
Policy Advising
& Public Programs
Informing policy decisions and helping you design educational events, innovation hubs, and resources.
Past projects
Examples of research and consulting:
  • San Francisco Sustainability Action Plan: Water Heater Decarbonization
  • City of Palo Alto's Carbon Neutral Electric Plan: Case Study
  • Silicon Valley BART Extension: Sustainable Infrastructure Assessment
  • Emissions Reduction Strategies for Vehicles in Moscow, Russia
  • Innovation Ecosystem in Russia: Survey, Analysis & Recommendation
  • American Airlines Corporate Responsibility Recommendation
  • DCM Greenhouse Gas Inventory & Reduction Plan
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